Postcode 2166: Cabramatta

With Vietnam as its heartland,  you will leave delighted that you ventured out of the CBD, with this food guide to Cabramatta in your pocket.

I had the pleasure of indulging in a foodie guide with the one and only

Vinh Pham

, Instagram extraordinaire, first generation Vietnamese and subsequently raised in the suburbs surrounding Cabramatta (fondly known as Cabra, by the locals). I too also grew up in the area, and looking back didn’t realise how culturally rich it was until I came back to eat up a storm.

45 minutes on a train from the city centre of Sydney, and you are transported to little Vietnam. The street is hustling and it's sure to give you a rush - from the market sellers,  to the sound of the surrounding Vietnamese twang, and the wafting street food -it’s good, real good.

Use our map below, for your guide to Cabramatta, match up the numbers with our top picks and treat yourself to a slice of South East Asia in Sydney’s backyard.



1. Pho Tau Bay - 12/117 John St Cabramatta NSW 2166

We started off, as most do in Vietnam with a big bowl of Pho, from Pho Tau Bay.  This place has made quite a name for itself, some claiming it to be “the best pho in Sydney”. For this reason, you may have a bit of a wait and you can expect to share tables, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

We picked a table at the back and ordered the broth delight. We went for the delicate slices of raw beef fillet which we then placed into the steaming hot broth and watched cook. Next we topped with fresh garnishes of mint, sweet basil and sprouts and for the perfect balance,squeezed some lime and a kick of  chilli. We  slurped away on the flat rice noodles covered in that amazing broth and let me tell you, slurping is highly encouraged.
I’ve heard people say that Pho is all about the stock, and Pho Tau Bay makes a killer one. Fully flavoured, glistening  and made with so much love, you will be back pho sure ( sorry I just had to!)

2. Eastland Supermarket - 109 John St Sydney NSW 2166

I could have stayed in here for days, exotic fruits that are fresh and vibrant. Pack a few totes, because they will be jam packed with vietnamese small goods, think rice paper rolls for days, vermicelli noodles, every sauce you’ve ever wanted - look no further, you will find it  in here and just like me you will never want to leave.

3. Tan Viet Noodle House - 2- 3/100 John Street 

Vinh assures me that the crispy chicken here is the best in Cabra, and judging from the line,  I trust him. Succulent with a secret spice batter which makes for the perfect crunch, and dipping sauces until the cows come home.  Go here for some good bird!

4. A&A Cakes - Hong Kong Shopping Plaza 

In a small arcade, off the hustle and bustle of the market stalls, is A&A cakes. A stop for the sweet tooth's, A&A cakes is perfect for small snacks (after all that Pho & chicken, it’s all you will want). They offer warm buns, many puff pastry treats with egg custards and simply put, they just taste damn good!

5. Viet Hoa Hot Bread 2/100 John St Cabramatta NSW 2166

A pork roll shop, which is open 24 hours, yes you read correctly 24 HOURS.  This place is cheap and cheerful and although it doesn’t serve what we consider to be the best roll in the area (more on that later) - it sure is convenient for the locals in replacement of the traditional kebab run.


Viet Hoa also offers something for those with pining for something sweet, well known for it’s pandan waffles, green, fluffy they are the perfect mix of east meets west. An American style waffle packed with very traditional Vietnamese flavours, which will have you smiling all afternoon.

6. Cafe Nho -  Belvedere Arcade

Feel like people watching? This is the perfect spot to take it all in. Tucked in a little arcade off the main drag of John St, there is still plenty of foot traffic here for a good ponder, and being a flaneur.
There are plenty of cafes scattered around the bustling streets of Cabramatta, but Cafe Nho has a good mix of ladies and men alike.
Order a traditional Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, and you won’t be disappointed but I am a little bias, because coffee & condensed milk are my two loves come together in holy matrimony. They also have the usual suspects at Cafe Nho, for those playing it safe.

7. Red Lea Chicken57 John St Cabramatta NSW 2166


Red Lea is an institution for anyone who grew up in the area, we all definitely hassled our parents once or twice, maybe even thrice for them chicken chippies. 
The cabramatta store, was one of the first to open and has been around for 30 plus years. You can buy a huge selection of poultry and some damn good standard potato chips with a secret asian spice slammed on top.

8. Thu Phung N-49 Park Road Cabramatta

What’s that you are thirsty from all them chips? Fear not, grab a classic Vietnamese sugar cane juice for a cool $2, or splurge and get 3 for $5 - now that’s a bargain!
The sweet juice is refreshing and goes down a treat after all those fried & sweet things that have come your way.  

9. The Hot Bread Shop - 9/44 Park Rd Cabramatta NSW 2166

 Now remember I mentioned pork rolls earlier? Well I haven’t forgotten. Enter the hot bread shop, on the corner of Park Rd serving a high standard quality Vietnamese roll. With your choice of pork, shredded pork, meatballs or BBQ and all the toppings, for an easy $2.80 on a crunchy vietnamese bread roll, you would be crazy not to indulge.

10. Peaking DuckCabramatta Freedom Market (Enter through Dutton Lane) 

If you are still feeling peckish, a small little shop tucked under the Cabramatta Freedom Market, has you covered.  The store has no name (that I could decipher at least), but we will call it peaking Duck for the sake of argument. Get hot sticky peeking duck here, and any other part of the animal you feel like- pig trotters, chicken feet, hearts these guys have got you covered. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but the duck is finger licking good.

guide to cabramatta
guide to cabramatta

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of postcode 2166 - Cabramatta. Be sure to let me know if you make it out to discover the taste of Asia. Another big thanks to Vinh, for showing me around and making sure that I ate at the best places.

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