New York City


New York is a city which feels familiar to me, from the murmurs of Spanish coming from the kitchen, the excellent food, ease of the subway and some of the friendliest people I have met, NYC is definitely the place to visit for a foodie adventure. There is something to do and eat on every corner, that skyline is breathtaking and I can’t stop singing JAYZ songs. So here is a wrap up of my favourite places to eat, some new, some old but all tasty and fabulous just like NYC. 

Veselka’s 24 Hour Diner

A fabulous ukranian diner opened at all hours, so whether it’s a caffeine hit you need early in the morning or a boozy pancake stack, Veselka’s has you covered. 

Minetta Tavern

Anthony Bourdain has vouched for the burgers at this place, and so do I.  With an old school French bistro feel, get your beef in a bun medium rare and enjoy it like a New Yorker would. 


On the cusp of China town & LES, you will find this predominantly pastel coloured cafe. With art installed, excellent lunch & coffee , (which is hard to come by in NY by our Aussie standards). This place is a gem for those of us addicted to caffeine & culture. 



Black Market Burger 

A hip Alphabet city joint, perfect for a late night bite. Aim for a mid-week eat, to miss the crowds. The burgers are renowned in the area. 

Crif Dogs

Forget the hot dog carts, head straight to crif dogs and get your gourmet hot dogs. Open late, and served with all the toppings! 

Tompkins Square Bagel

An unsuspecting joint for a morning bagel and CAWFE! Get a takeaway and enjoy in the park with the squirrels. 


Worth the hype, but a little on the pricey side. Share a Ruben for lunch and you won’t be disappointed. 

Spotted Pig

April Bloomfield’s English style pub is the UK wrapped up and sitting on a Lower West Side corner. Famous for it’s burger and uber curly fries. The blue cheese and beef, makes this one of my favourite joints in the big apple. Enjoy a pint or two to wash down. 

Doughnut Plant

Get yourself a Do and coffee. With an array of flavours and fillings you will be spoilt for choice. 

Birds & Bubbles

A gem on the border of China town. Champagne and fried chicken is word, come here for a something a little bit fancy, with a touch of fried chicken. 

Mr Taka

The perfect bowl of ramen, spicy, vegetarian, pork filled, you name it you got it. 

Pies N’ Thighs

The perfect Brooklyn joint to brunch, with a southern twang. Biscuits, fried chicken, grits and pies. You will be smiling for days. 

Eileen's Cheescake

Grab a baby cake from Eileen’s and get your sugar hit for the day. With a moist base and baked cheese, this is a New York classic. 


Christina Tosi quaint but uber delicious brain child. With an array of cookies, pies & cakes you won't be disappointed. And that cereal milk is everything & more. Plus CAWFE! 



Come to the oldest bars in New York. Famous for its Ales and Onions, choose between a light or dark ale and treat yourself to the cheese, crackers & onions. A great ambience, there’s a reason this place has been around since 1854.  

From The Table Top