We spent 6 days in the magical city of Paris, where we wondered the streets, ate like the locals and hit some of the sites. It is one of my favourite cities, and every time I go to Paris it's a new experience, it never tires, it never feels old. So here is a wrap up of some of the best things we ate & saw. 


 19 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris, France

Located in the more "hipster" area of Paris. Holy Belly Cafe, is the perfect spot for brunch or lunch with friends. With great coffee and an array of brekki foods - eggs, fennel sausage patty, sides of baked beans and the best dressed salad I've had in a while.It's great if you are craving that touch of Melbourne in Paris. 

The cafe is busy, and bustling with locals. And the lunch menu is plentiful and Parisian. They change their menu every month to keep it fresh & seasonal. 


        39 Rue des Vinaigriers, 7510 Paris, France         

Watch the pastry chefs through the windows kneading,folding & baking. This is a gorgeous boulangerie with A delightful choice of pastries and tarts both sweet & savoury.  


 62 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 7509 Paris, France 

Delightful cocktails, down from the Moulin Rouge tucked away in a Parisian Rue. The waiters are friendly and are keen to help you with your section. If you are feeling adventurous go the orange fizz, it has yoghurt in it and it is a throw back (for me) to the Petit Miam yoghurt, very fitting when you are in Paris of course. 


          25 Rue la Bruyère, 75009, Paris, France

Gorgeous French restaurant, with a seasonal menu. Small space seating no more than 15-20 people so bookings are essential in the evening.  The souffle dessert is a must, but everything on the menu is delectable so you can do no wrong.  Open Monday - Friday you may be lucky to get a table for a late lunch without reservations. 


 3 Rue Des Martyr, 75009 PARIS FRANCE

A great selection of French cheeses, the smell will lure you in from the street. The woman speaks French only, and cuts the cheeses for you so brush up on your Francais. With a wide selection of soft & hard cheeses, coated with herbs, cayenne pepper and a selection of both smelly and mild alike, you will be enamoured by her selection. 


76 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris, France

Paris is plentiful of patisserie and boulangerie a like. Gerard Mulot is famous for its macarons and intricate tarts. But I opted for the tradition pain au chocolate, which was rich and heavenly with ever mouthful. I have no doubt that everything in this gorgeous patisserie is as good as every bite as my pain au chocolate was. 


Make sure you pick a bistro and take some time to sit outside (or the "terrace" as the French call it) with a drink. This is when you get to take in the real ambience and feeling of Paris. The hours roll by with good friends, drinks and food. Parfait! 

From La Table xx